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These are actual results of a site created on May 4th, 2001 all traffic shown on this first chart has been from the submission of only six pages. Each page was optimized for 3 - 9 key words / phrases. The submission process takes at least 20 days to show results on most engines. These are typical results with traffic increasing at a constant rate as more pages are indexed. It takes 120 days to realize the full potential of this system for a given subject matter.

As the above report depicts the number of viewers is steadily increasing. Almost all trafic above is generated by the keywords / phrases embedded within the code in each of the six pages submitted and only two pages have been indexed so far. This means that all traffic coming to the site is from only two pages. The table below shows the exact keywords / phrases that were found in several of the larger search engines by actual users to find these same queries.

Top 17 of 17 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 37 30.83% netmeeting server list
2 36 30.00% server netmeeting
3 16 13.33% netmeeting server
4 4 3.33% linux printer driver
5 4 3.33% linux
6 2 1.67% server netmeeting list
7 2 1.67% netmeeting server list
8 2 1.67% netmeeting server list
9 2 1.67% samba
10 2 1.67% linux source driver printer -os/2
11 2 1.67% asian netmeeting server list
12 2 1.67% samba
13 2 1.67% linux programs
14 2 1.67% netmeeting arabic server list
15 2 1.67% linux printer
16 2 1.67% netmeeting server ils
17 1 0.83% driver linux printer

Where were these listings anyway? Well we found these two pages in at least ten places in both Alta Vista and also Northern Light these are only two of the 25+ major search engines we submit each of your pages to. Expect to see search results from many other engines, news groups and directories as well. Remember it takes time for each page to get indexed so results may at first seem slow coming but they keep compounding. The first 90 days are a building period and far more traffic is on the way. We have clients who only got 200 visitors the first month and 400 the next, they are extremly happy now as many of their pages were finally indexed in the third and fourth month and now receive 1000+ targeted viewers who are looking for exactly what they have to offer in some rather specialized fields.

In Alta Vista we were in these top positions as of June 2nd

#1 driver linux printer

#2 linux printer driver

#3 netmeeting server list

#7 server netmeeting

#7 server netmeeting list

#14 linux

#26 net server meeting list

#28 netmeeting server

In Northern light we were in these top positions as of June 2nd

#1 driver linux printer

#2 server netmeeting

#3 linuxprinter driver

#3 server netmeeting list

#3 netmeeting server list

#4 linux

#11 linux driver

Remember these are the placements of only two pages

In only two directories. 98 pages to follow!

New pages are submitted at the proper intervals so as not to break any of the numerous and sometimes conflicting search engine rules.This process takes 60 days and it takes at least 90 days to see the big picture of just how much targeted traffic you can generate. As each new page is indexed it adds to the overall performance of this program. The chart below shows this natural and predicitable growth from month to month.

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Jun 2000 23 17 5 14 568 662 400 623 669 694
May 2000 10 7 4 3 82 851 99 129 217 304
Totals 1513 499 752 886 998

We were able to find 9 pages indexed as of june 25th and as you can clearly see from the charts above visits are way up considering this is definitely not the most popular key words being searched for on the web today. Our client is very happy as 400 over unique visitors a month who were looking for exactly what they offer "Linux Net meeting equipment" was far better than their previous results, and it got even better since then. We expect to see aproximately 1000 unique targeted viewers to this site a month within the next 45 days, and that number usually will continue to rise month after month.

We pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction and the delivery of real targeted traffic. There are many services offering you a percentage or number of top ten listings, but do they guarantee visitors? High rankings are great but results are far bettter. Look over this real example we will probably have 100+ top ten listings, however not every top ten listing will bring in lots of visitors. The key is to have a broad coverage using many keywords over many pages. We offer larger packages with multiple URLs when you need faster results and or have larger projects, check out Net Traffic #2 or call for details.

Below is a chart which depicts our traffic on our main marketing site. We have created hundreds of pages each capturing targeted traffic from all over the web. We average 1,600 unique visitors a day and that number has remained very consistent over the past 4 months. We are only interested in attracting targeted traffic to our offerings and do not create pages outside your subject matter as a way of trapping viewers. Quality not quantity. All traffic is not created equal. Be smart and invest in your future success.

We look foward to being a part of your online marketing campaign and wish you the best of luck in the search engine wars. Good placement!


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