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Search Engine Marketing and Site Optimization is a very challenging field which is in a constant state of change. As such we rarely seek to promise anything that we cannot Guarantee 100%. We under-sell the potential of our programs in the hopes that you will be all the more impressed when the High Listings and Targeted Traffic begin to appear.

We fully believe our services to be the absolute best choice for your hard won marketing dollars, and we are 100% committed to your total satisfaction and your ongoing patronage. We have created several hundred successful programs to date and know the trust required during the beginning stages of each project. The value we impart to your project far exceeds your upfront investment. We invest in your long-term online success. Every Project we undertake has the potential to reap great rewards, if given the opportunity. Here is a recent testimonial letter from our files:

Christopher, ..................................................................................................... June 10th 2001

I wanted to take the time to write to you and tell you how rare it is in business to get more than you expected. When you first suggested that your company promote and market my site on the Internet search engines using up to 100 key words a client, I was a bit skeptical of your ability to do so. You see I have done my own submitting, by hand, using specialized Internet sites and hiring a submitting service and know the amount of work that goes into a few key phrases let alone one hundred. Though each of my methods got some results -- they were not the results I had hoped for -- that is being listed on the first page.

Since our association over the last several months my site has become the 1st and 2nd listed on Google for its major keywords, number 2 on Yahoo, number 3 on AltaVista and is now on the 1st page of 8 of the top 12 engines. More importantly my sales on my E-commerce site are climbing. I attribute that directly to your efforts.

I thought I had all the bases covered, but you also made a number of suggestions about the composition of my site. I followed through and made the page adjustments that further enhanced my home page to retain visitors once I got them. So I consider you my "outsourced" marketing department.

The best testimonial I can give is to request that you now take on my other business-to-business site -- a decision I wish I had made when I gave you my first site.

Thank you again for services above and beyond the call of duty.

Warmest regards, Ed McCormick

ArtMolds Sculpture Studio

This is a typical letter sent by yet another satisfied client. Remember, our clients do not have to sign a contract; they stay because it pays to stay and they see the results grow day after day, week after week, month after month. We look foward to receiving your endorsement as well. Need more proof? Just call us and we will find a program we have done in your category to compare real world results. 877 722-8624 Toll Free USA Outside USA use 561 703-7703

Welcome aboard!

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